• ConcreteBatching Systems

    Automatic Systems to controll the concrete production

    The latest technology

    Technika Develops, Manufactures and Provides the Service

  • Dosingof Liquids

    Flexible Technika's Control Unit


    Liquid additives dosing is extremely important in the concrete production. With this control unit you can do it manually or could be interfaced with the Batching Control System using the MODBUS protocol.

  • TheProcess Automation

    The efficient Process Controll is a key to high quality and proficient production.

    High Quality Automation

    Our systems provide the full control of the production processes, high efficiency, reliability, row material saving, and cost reduction.

  • MoistureControl

    The moisture control is very important in high quality concrete production

    Top quality microwave moisture probes

    Moisture measurement in sand and ready mix is accurate and easy with Hydronix probes.

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Automation & Control


  • It is system for automating concrete production is the result of cooperation with Cardinal-USA and Hydronix-GB
  • Dozel-5 is a device for dosing up to four different liquids in four independent channels at the same time
  • HYDROZEL-5 is a sophisticated device that works with moisture probes in manual & automatic mode
  • Technika designs and manufactures top quality Electrical Cabinets and Switching Boards.
  • We develop non-standard control and measurements systems for specialized applications.
  • The oxygen & helium analyzer, pressure gauge, blender software for continuous flow gas blending
  • Hydronix microwave moisture probes are the top quality and accurate for all bulk materials.
  • We supply, install and service specialized high quality equipment for concrete batching plants.

Over 30 years with you

  • Production and Installation >

    We produce specialized microprocessor controllers and automation systems. We have CE certificates for all products.
  • Developing >

    We design and deliver a complete documentation for electrical cabinets and control systems. We develope and manufacture unique solutions for specialized applications.
  • Service >

    We service all manufactured and supplied by us systems and equipment. We have the necessary certificates and we are authorized
  • Selling >

    Our sales department provides all the subassemblies of the concrete plant, mechanical, electrical and electronic automation components.
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